23rd  Annual Vermont Grazing & Livestock Conference

January 18 & 19, 2018

Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT

  • ~Day prices vary from $50-$75 depending on VGFA membership (student rates also available).
  • ~Special Donation Only Ticket available for just Sat. afternoon Keynote Lectures. (Limited  tickets, pre-registration required, entrance after 1:15 p.m., lunch is not included but the Strafford Organic Ice Cream Social is!)

Livestock farmers of all types and sizes are invited to this annual conference including a wide variety of workshop topics and opportunities.

Friday, January 18th will focus on direct marketing and livestock business risk management. Charlotte Smith of 3CowMarketing will be featured, with her approach of Farm Marketing From the Heart, as well as a full day of insurance, regulatory, easement, Act 250, and liability expert panels.

Saturday, January 19th will feature 16+ workshops followed by double keynote presentations. Our speakers are the husband and wife team of David Montgomery and Anne Biklé. Both are scientists and authors who speak about bringing our soils back to life and the valuable role biology plays in human and plant health.

David Montgomery, geologist and author of Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations, and most recently, Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life will lay out the historical roots of soil degradation and discuss practices farmers are using to increase their yields while using fewer purchased inputs resulting in a better bottom line.

Anne Biklé, science writer and biologist and co-author of The Hidden Half of Nature will dig deep into soil and mammalian gut microbiomes. She will share insights and discoveries about bacteria and other microbes and their profound influence on the health and well-being of crops, livestock, and people.

Topics range from grazing fundamentals for beginning farmers, to better understanding of how to manage livestock as tools to make money and transform land, to farmer panel problem-solving discussions. Overall, there are more than sixteen workshops Saturday in addition to the double keynote.

The conference typically brings more than 325 people together over two days, from six Northeast states and Canada.  For more information, visit www.uvm.edu/pasture or call the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture at 802-656-5459.

Want to know more?

Online schedule & speaker bios here.

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All of these links are also found at www.uvm.edu/pasture.


The Vermont Grass Farmers’ Association (VGFA) was founded in 1996 with support from the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture and USDA-NRCS. The VGFA is a 501(c)3 non‐profit with the mission to promote, manage and oversee grazing outreach and education programs in Vermont.

VGFA’s members are farmers, landowners and citizens who seek to:

  • Support farming that enhances soil health and water quality
  • Build farmer-to-farmers learning opportunities
  • Uphold the viability and resiliency of Vermont’s livestock farms